are we there yet?

I love it when you get all excited about doing something, ready to jump right in....only to realize you're not really as prepared as you thought you were.

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do I look stupid?

I picked up the 1,000 Calorie Challenge as well, mostly because it was a good deal, but after looking at it - there is no way I am even going to finish reading it right now.  Even if I could manage to complete more than 2-3 reps of anything in there, my doctor would never approve it at this point.

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such a slacker...

I got totally sidetracked today and am not with the program!  It's not that I decided to do something else; it's that I totally forgot I was supposed to be doing anything - like laundry, eating, working out...

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medical baseline

FPFL (Final Phase Fat Loss) cares about hormones and nutrients in the body so I figure it'd be good to establish my baseline before I actually begin.  While I probably won't retest these in the future, it's still nice to have them noted here just in case.  Also, once I finally choose some supplements - if I mange to stay on them - this might come in handy.  Warning: This is a very, very long post filled with nothing but test results; it's probably not going to be interesting to anyone who doesn't get into specific metabolic measurements. Read Full Article

the fitness journey begins...

Starting measurements and sort of an explanation of what this is all about.  Using Final Phase Fat Loss by John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems and tools from the Hacker's Diet I am starting my journey into fitness.  The sort of nebulous goal: to look the best I have ever looked, to feel comfortable modeling again, to look wowie-kazowie in my costuming, and to leave all those guys doing PX80 in the dust!  (Real goal inside.)

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Today is MY day!

You know, this week has just been completely awesome - and it's not over yet!  It might even make up for the utter crap that life has been throwing at me for the last TWO YEARS!  Maybe. Read Full Article

someday "blog" will be a curse word

The blog (and fitness and hair journey and...and...and....) begins!  I've been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for years - and I've done it a time or two, but just never really been that into it. Read Full Article